Wednesday, June 30, 2010

riley is ..well, you'll see*

she's one of my favourite models. sasha, you are wonderful! (yeah we're totally on a first-name basis! but her surname is insanely cool.) nylon says iheartny is good. and it's taking foreeeva to download, so it better be!
[supercool. but who makes it? i want some] - i also want that girl's blacklacy highwaistedskirt. i managed not to stare in awe, which is quite impressive*
eclipse was wonderful. it's done really well. i miss zac and vanessa in my life. (again, yes we're bffs) i've rewatched all the hsm's so many times. i need beastly and charlie stcloud to come out now. what happened to me&orsonwells? gosh* building up my hopes and dreams only to shoot me down.
you know what i MUST make happen? aug 12. 7pm. bristow. ahhh* (jessicasmith is flying as.we.speak. ahhh)

enchantedhappy xoxo

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