Friday, July 30, 2010

my heart beat. can you hear my*

today is my last official day at the opsmile office.
it's heartbreaking. but they'll always be my family. and ill always be involved. and we'll still have our very own romantic adventures*
(not usually a tavi-stalker. but when she's wearing miumiu, how could i resist*)
today's romantic adventure comprised of: used bookstores. scary men on drugs. a broken atm point. danna's one moment of fear in this country. boerewors rolls. one thousand magazines. carrying one thousand magazines up to the 7th floor. much tape. supercool nailpolish. and beautiful baby taru*
still: stalking herecomesthesun. have newnew running through my head. obsessively drinking orangejuice. mmm orangejuice :) *counting down the days til august tenth. newly inlove with tygerberg campus and the amazing adventure victoria -no, not you- has planned for the days to follow)* and this weekend i will see people. in public. yay!

almost hometime.. *sigh*
but hello weekend!

enchantedhappy xoxo

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