Friday, July 30, 2010

yes, this is a rebuke*

dear fuel team,

i really hope you have a good reason for not coming lastnight.
if any of you were involved in something like this, you know that C would be the first person to come support. bc he'd know this is important to you. it was exciting and such a vibe. and i got to experience his world on that side. which, as his 'team' .. as his friends, i can't believe you wouldn't realise the importance of. didn't think it was such an issue at first, til each of my parents asked me why the fuel team werent there. and both times i didn't actually have an answer. and when i realised what it meant to him to have our support, it became clear why they assumed you'd all pull through. guess not. but hey, i hope you had a wonderful thursday evening. i sure did :)

all my love xoxo
[images via herecomesthesun]

enchantedhappy xoxo

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