Monday, July 26, 2010

alfonzo isn't classy*

soundtrack to the weekend: B's amazing cd. the script. michael buble. erin mccarley.
currently obsessing over all things piano*
my daddy has bronchitis. and he breathes near me. *eugh* im getting really sick.
so to cheer me up, danna gave me a yummy stroopwafel. and an invite to a fashionshow at the capegrace hotel*
the kommetjie roadtrip was wonderful. everything was so beautiful. wow. awestruck by creation. romantic walk on the beach. built a house with luke. freshly baked scones. supporting andy schleck. B and i found our house. number 64 :) it's perfect*
we watched lawabidingcitizen again. snoekie made delicious brownies. and i wore my sethcohen chrismukkah jersey. everything feels right* perfect timing. perfectly situated. perfect love.
fact of the day: thefuelteam sucks at prank calling. shame.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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