Monday, June 21, 2010

you're all that it takes*

i have so much respect for portugal right now. wow. i wish i could use more words but i have to go run around in the street and be excited. wow. and mr commentator, your facts seem to be incorrect. biggest ever worldcup win: germany 11-0 saudi arabia.
songs of the morning: the sound of white. half life. meet virginia. the best damn thing. another day. "and if you're listening i miss you. and if you hear me now i need you"
[images above: driving home lastnight] [yesterday's jcrew shirtdress. vintage belt. locket.]
[delicious cranberryjuice in a can]

"Beautiful creature, why must you taunt me?
Why must you taunt me, and haunt me, and hurt me?
Your power, your strength, your beauty; you.
I think of no one else, though you don’t even expect it...
Beautiful creature, you are an illusion.
You do not exist!
You are simply a shell for my fantasies; a creation.
I am the one that made you real, and now you’ve consumed me completely.
You are a beautiful-beautiful creature
and you know not of all these emotions stirring inside me." -frail beauty.
but you are. and you do.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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