Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when i'm here with you..*

[photos taken in.. blouberg.]
it rained. i slept late. and im pretty sure the lady next to me in the train was on drugs.
i am loving this book, it's fascinating.-now i kinda wish i lived in '77. i've resumed many old habits today. and by old, i mean i stopped them for like a week. but it's felt like forever. hello again, cheesy-delicious two-minute noodles. and sugary-sweet jellytots. aaand many many postage stamps. yay yay mail day :) finally going to rashmi's this evening. life withour her is.. dangerous. i found a dress like the one serena wears on her first date with dan. i've been stalking miss adachi's amazing poetry. and listening to 'andrea and the falling stars'. track two is partly in french and perfect for dancing in the rain* i really miss alexander.
"and I don't think you're beautiful, i think you're beyond it"
come here, boi*

enchantedhappy xoxo


Alexander said...

Awww. Why have you not told me about your blog before??? Come visit me at the beach!

enchantedhappy said...

ahh i will. i must. before i die of heartbreak.

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