Friday, May 21, 2010

so they know you*

still fascinated by this french boy from electricbreeze.
i miss being backstage. and the rush-but-comfort just before curtains to go up... also, great outfit.

i kinda maybe sorta want a kitten. maybe. i would like to call it cinnamon. or cranberry.
i don't know any info about this shoot, bc all the info is in french. but their outfits are great. as are the dinosaurs! quite ready to go to the museum and just be around the big model dinosaurs. and the big whale sounds machine!

current obsessions: dinosaurs. high waisted skirts. oldlady florals. dental floss. silver. thesaurus-ing. (yes, im adding pocket thesaurus to my birthday list. -the birthday the fuel team is away for. that one. actually, the fuel team is now assigned that gift. bc they are leaving me.)
thank you to charles for his wonderful word advice, haha. and for the other thing.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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Lis said...

Ahhhh I can already see Cranberry* So cute! Love you

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