Thursday, May 20, 2010

butterflies instead*

lily donaldson, you are great. sorta like the phase of tea with milk that i am going through*
dear shoes. i want you. all of you. for my birthday. and since the fuel team will be away on the magical day [devastation beyond comprehension.] i feel that i deserve you. especially the miumiu satin shoes [with the bird design] which seem to be in every magazine this month. including vogue uk and tatler. i would like to state upfront that i fell in love with them ages ago. and that platform sandals are big for spring.

urbanoutfitters now sells beautiful diana's. and u get a cool book with lomo photography. [thanks, nylon.]
currently wondering: about career-choices. -can 'doing what you love' eventually become 'just a job'..? or is it you not pushing yourself? or the passion just becomes... aaah. i'm freaking out about this.
anyway. off to pack some more incredibly beautiful and expensive clothes.
[twitter moment: #bestfeelingever] -yes, twitter is life*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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