Monday, March 8, 2010

better than one..*

[image via pepperandchips]
seriously. such a great shoot. iv been watching chicago (thanks, B) and flip.. it never seizes to amaze me. everything about the era. and the brilliance of the production!

so today is the last wednesday roz will be in the country. gosh. epic. well. not forever. but basically forever. it's heartbreaking. today it also began to rain. more like storm. it's lovely. well, not if you run the risk of death by lightning bolt. but on the upside, you may get superpowers. i believe it. just like i believe that if i try hard enough, someday i'll grow up and be able to roar like simba. ever since i read danica's post on twitter about the delicious tea, thats all i want right now. i mean, this rooibos is delicious, but... it's not the same. ooh the Woolworths sale started today.-the big one. it's like basically free! (made me think of you, crystal, and how we always contemplated skipping school to get some Country Road, but always found out too late bc my mom n your sisiter never told us when it was on!) Ananda came into the office all excited, she bought large amounts of baby clothes for Taru! so cute :)
i would like a polaroid camera. in the lovely bones (creepy yet beautiful movie... oh im reading the book. well, i stopped for now. bc i kept seeing everything as murder related and id be freaking myself out. like olives. and clothes falling down. theyd all turn into bloody fingers and limbs..yeah, thats wierd. * now im reading 'coco and igor' it is indeed "a fine, entrancingly poetic novel" .. it relates to 'coco avant chanel' quite nicely. hmm i would like to watch that tonight. maybe i will.)
aww i found out (while researching the top luxury hotels -yes i do have the greatest job haha) that 'serendipity' is playing at the pink flamingo tomorrow night. ahhh i looove the movie. and i wana go. it is, however, roz's pre-farewell thing. at the fat cactus. and obv i shall go there!
well, into the rain i go. home sweet home*
to sleep, most likely. and to look for a megaphone for matt to use during the argus. oh, yes, uct. so many people. too many familiar faces. gosh. had a lovely time. but wow it's ..too much. yes, i will be there next week again tho haha :) and i WILL see you, chai tea!
im looking at miss adachi's jordan mission photos. they are lovely. so proud of you :) can't wait to hear all about it! hope you get my package soon :)
forever and always*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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