Monday, March 1, 2010

indigo stardust*

i'm not usually big into the whole flowers vibe. but these are pretty. and they remind me of the episode in gg season three when they have the big thanksgiving vibe. and the table is all pretty. all weekend i've had the song in my head. actually since i heard it on gg. and then i got the new paramore cd and it was there, yay!

"you are.. the only exception. and i'm on my way to believing"

it's in my head. and written on my arm. and in my notebook. and on twitter. everywhere! but it's so beautiful so it's okay*

the second picture is currently my desktop background. tiled ofcourse* i want the shoes. like now. please and thank you. my hair is uber dark. and shorter. but i like it. it makes me want to wear intense lipstick all the time. so i do. and i am loving the happy sunny weather. i am in the airconditioned office mostly, but i get to wear sunny happy dresses so it's still exciting! and im off tomorrow. what shall i be doing? sleeping, most likely. and lunch with matt at uct. if i wake up in time.

i have been writing looooong letters. i shall most likely post them this week. and eating jelly powder. blackcurrent :) okay, off

i finally got my turquoise tshirt dress back so im wearing it today. and today i really like teal. and indigo. and i am excited about victoria's tatoo! like a lot. anyway...

enchantedhappy xoxo


Chey* said...

uct? what? lunch? when? why?

Lis said...

that picture of the flowers is beautifulllll and I LOVE it! I LOVE all the pictures you put up.. They are all so pretty and soft and just breathtaking.... I miss you. So soon till I get to see you again my love!

enchantedhappy said...

ah lisaaaaa <3
and i miss you. my packaga has definitely bn lost in the mail. gosh why havent u got it yet?!
ican't wait to see you xoxo

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