Thursday, February 18, 2010


this is from emma watson's shoot for teen vogue. such an insane photo. and outfit. and location. she has a new line of clothes out. with her brother according to sarahjane. btw yay sarahjane may have found a house! yay :)

i have this song stuck in my head. it's by the yeah yeah yeah's. i have an american apparel tshirt with the lyrics on it. it's cool. it was photographed by 'we are awesome' at the assembly. yesss :) als, im quite enjoying streetart these days. it may be faran's influence (yes im saying it like we're bffs haha) yay nylon*

image via pepperandchips

and i would like these shoes :) and to dye my hair darker. and to work at nylon. today, please :)
enchantedhapppy xoxo

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