Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i've been*

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i woke up today and it was raining. and i was happy about it. despite the fact that id spent all afternoon yesterday excited about the sunny outfit i would wear today. finding a warm comfy outfit was quite an adventure for me this morning. and then i got to the office (yes, the office haha) and it was sunny in town. gosh* oh well.

i spent all of yesterday watching vampire diaries and gossip girl. and smsing victoria. and eating jelly powder. in my pajamas. it was awesum. oh i love the vampire diaries soundtrack, and i found this cool site with the soundtrack arranged nicely by episode yay*

hmm what else? opsmile has been amazing! i spent a lot of today researching flights. and drinking green tea. AND i found out that my dearest roz is leaving to au pair in san francisco on march 15. it is both a 'woop woop' and *tear* moment at once.

and yes, V, i will be inboxing you the story. eventually. i actually started. but then the page went wierd. and i got over it. lol.

anyway. il blog more tomorrow i hope.

love love love.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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