Saturday, February 13, 2010

don't say*

the weather is changing. it's stil not. but not like 'oh maan i have to go to the beach today' hot. and it makes me sad bc iv bn loving wearing sunny dresses and pretty lil skirts. *sigh* now it's at an irritating temperature where its too hot to wear boots but too cold to wear tights. and so i just end up wearing jeans. which is great, but not all the time. and i never know if i need to wear a long top or just bring a jacket. ohmygosh so many issues hahaha.

this is a photo from the teen vogue shoot. it's called 'finding nirvana'. it's lovely.

right now, im listening to the glee songs. and obsessing over fashion toast. the blog. duh. and flip, just realised i havent replied to V's message. i got distracted by the Valentine's Day premier on tv. and then ghd-ing my hair.
and now.. all i must do is find my phone. haha

we may go on the cablecar tomorow. and picnic vibe. us valentine-less people. it may be fun. except there's a reason i haven't been on it before. HUGE (possibly irrational) fear. like, a "whhhy are you going on it, u will die!!!" kinda fear. so we'll see how things go. IF things go.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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