Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little rainstorm dreaming

This morning was grey skies
and floaty 80s music
chocolate milkshake
warm bread, freshly baked
A girl alone in a big, empty house

This morning was
running up the stairs in the rain
big gold zip, black bows
down the back of my dress
(I wish you were here)

This morning was kind of romantic
in a 'If we were in Paris and
you were holding my hand' kind of way.

I've been making lists
of things I want my life to be.
And every few lines I write your name
in tiny letters, like whispers to the universe
(Please, him.)

I've been waking up from dreams of falling
and hoping you'd be here to catch me

I walk through the rain
and maybe if you were here
(If you were here)
We would be walking
to your favourite cafe
to that museum I love
to our apartment
holding hands
stopping every few roads to kiss

Maybe if you were here
(Here, please)
We would still be in bed
drinking hot chocolate
Me, writing poems about your smile
You, writing songs about my eyes

Maybe the sun would set
and the rain would still be falling and
The sheets would still be warm
Maybe I'd be reading to you
From the book I'm learning by heart
or song lyrics I love as much as yours
Maybe you'd be tracing
the inside of my palm
with each word as I say it

Maybe I'd say 'watch it with me again!'
and you'd let me fall asleep
in your arms
charmed into sweet dreams
by my favorite movie
the one about the universe and
beautiful stars
the one I wrote on my wrist in forever-ink
the one that reminds me of how we met

Maybe I'd be smiling so big
(like I always do)
because I love
how it makes my heart feel
Maybe you'd be watching
my eyes light up and,
Maybe when I turn to you
'I love this part'
I'll pretend to get mad that
you weren't watching
Maybe I'd kiss you because
'You're watching me, baby, stop, watch her'
Maybe I'd just keep looking back at you,
because You
are my Serendipity

The rain the rain,
Makes wishes come true

The sky says yes, do you?

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