Friday, October 19, 2012

sweet fading lights.

We were friends because we knew each other before the thoughts of others mattered. We danced through life together when being free meant barefoot wooden floors and ice cream on sunny afternoons. We walked through life not caring and smiling between crowds of girls trying to be something they were not, knowing we  had always been set apart from them, never worrying for long enough to be sad about it. I miss the knowing that she is breathing the air somewhere in the universe, filling everyone around her with light and life and ever-present wonder. I miss hoping I'd see her sparkling eyes somewhere, I wish she were given thousands more hours to give air kisses and genuine, warm compliments, but I know she used the ones she had, very well. You were fascinating and brilliant, floating silently and screaming loudly, all at once. (I always loved the way you really really lived.)

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