Monday, October 22, 2012

but im feelin' TWENTYTWO

today hurt, so much. so much. and then evening came and i looked up at the sky and i knew it would be okay. so i began to breathe, and went to sit in a coffee shop, with the baristas are the loveliest, where they sell big pink heart-shaped sugar cookies covered in glitter. i sat and read the alchemist, and thought about life and how everything fits together magically. and i drank my favourite hot chocolate, with cream and cinnamon and love for the moment. 

i came home and really wanted a nap, but ended up spending hours playing with my gorgeous cat on my silver-sequined bed. i began to crochet the peach wool i bought, and ended up being distracted by how sparkly my nails are, and then my cat and i just played some more. 

so yay. and then (and then! how did it get so good so fast!) i kept listening to Taylor's new album, and 22 made me light up so bright, i think it kind of shocked my dad, and i was just dancing everywhere and jumping and smiling and. i was drawing in a million colours in my journal, breathing steady, smiling to myself. then my brother and i danced around the lounge, and i just, THANK YOU LIFE. 

(in other news of the day i cannot wait til i am twenty two, to sing this song to everyone all year, and also bc i have the coolest birthday party planned. kay)

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