Thursday, May 26, 2011

But here, still*

Wildflowers everywhere and he told me "Your poems are the ones I look for in every book and never find them" and we skip classes to melt in beautiful gardens and I wish I had more time for books and letters.

 i miss fields and kites and running around til i fall to the ground laughing. i miss driving away for hours and you staring up at me while you played the only two songs you knew. i miss my heart melting with pride everytime you reached the notes and i saw your eyes light up. i miss us sitting under my streetlights, and you just knowing.

and this weekend is the last one before i fall inlove with the drc. before things start to slip again and i feel more myself and more lost at the same time. im realising more and more that maybe this was a bad idea, we're just getting so good. and i don't want to live in the momentum i used to love, i dont. i don't want to leave you. i don't want you to go. say it'll be okay?

and if i told you what i wanted to do this weekend, youd probably get mad, or be the only one who'll see there's something else going on. so instead i plan to bake really big (easymix) cappucino muffins and write romantic letters il never post.
"love light peace"

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