Thursday, February 3, 2011

you shine so much brighter*

[i think i'll start wearing flowers in my hair]
today i sat in the park for hours. stared up at trees. and thought about everything. and nothing. and about how sometimes, everything is nothing.
[today, these are my favourite flowers.
in pale pink. please and thankyou]
 i went for a walk and watched the clouds break apart in the most incredible way. i watched boys run and kids play. [unintentional rhyme] and i wished you were there to hold me, or even just to sit on the swing next to mine. #imissyou.  
spent the rest of the afternoon playing in my perfectly icy pool, listening to myself breathe. -dont think ive enjoyed the pool that much in years. #agoodday
[i think. that if i were wearing this dress tonight,
i might actually feel like seeing people. #toobad]
sometimes my heart hurts and i dont know why.
 i wish you were here. you always know before i realise.
{honey let me sing you a song by matthires}
is everything a song should be.
and now i'll go dance in the rain.

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