Wednesday, February 2, 2011

im letting you in*

[image via fashiontoast]
still hoping il wake up and own this outfit, bc it's all i want to wear tomorrow. i finally picked my electives: initial spanish. and intro to ancient egypt. ooooh. do i want this tattoo? do i want a friend with hair like ivy? #yeslisaido. do i really want you, or do i want whatever-this-is to change? am i being stupid for over-analysing and not just doing? #probably

and to... well, you-used-to-be-theboy: happy birthday* i hope it's perfect. and that someday you'll believe in birthdays like i believe in you. you will always mean the world to me. {must get out by maroon5} so far, this week ive learnt: that the things i internalize are things i cannot change; they break me but they shouldn't matter. that someday i'l learn to balance my world. that it's okay if i can't, if im honest. also, that vida's iced coffee sucks. hmm, and i haven't even started school yet, lol. xoxo

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