Sunday, February 13, 2011

im allowed to vent if i want*

i don't believe in valentines day. in my head, anything "romantic" that happens on valentinesday is automatically gross and kitsch and "euw don't do that" (dear boy, i will literally say this to you. don't do it. don't.) not for any hating-on-love reasons, im all for love. and ive had amazing valentinesdays. lastyear, the best so far. and with B's elaborate plans for the evening, this year might come close. 
but it's just another day. literally. don't try so hard, don't put so much magic in the expectations and the hidden meanings (girls are so irritating, omg). maybe im lame for believing in everyday sparkle and moments that mean something special to only you two, on days that should have been mundane. i like unexpected magic. i like not reading into things. i like sponteneity and not feeling pressured. and maybe this isn't even a real explanation. i just.. dear valentinesday, no thankyou.

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