Wednesday, January 19, 2011

procrastinate me*

there are real things i should be doing right now.
but my head is too full of thoughts.
and ideas of things id rather be doing.
so instead, im deciding that this is the life i want to live:
but in the mean time, i find joy in some other things that make me happy:
blowing hundreds of bubbles through the kitchen door.
telling myself that i sing colbie caillat's new album just as well as she does.
serenading my dad while he makes dinner, singing into the dvd remote, every track on taylorswift's new album, complete with dance moves and actions and oh so many other crowd favourites. 
 (i wish you knew how much i needed you to just be you tonight, but apparently you haven't grown up that much just yet. i guess hoping doesn't always work. it seems like pretending does though. for you atleast.)
-this test is boring, im going to bed-

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