Tuesday, November 2, 2010

like a fireworks show*

You’ll take me to the vintagerecord store
Down the road from where you live
And we’ll show each other beautiful covers
Legends in their younger days

Then we’ll walk through the streets
Of our lovely hometown
Our footsteps in the snow
Fairy lights in the trees
Streetlamps guiding the way
To the house where you tell me
You dream of raising your daughters
And that brilliant son you'll
Play ball with down the street

We sneak out back and
See the beautiful garden
'We could build a treehouse or a princess tent'
You say
-All I see is the isle
I want to walk down to you
With my hair up
In my perfect white dress

And they'd capture the moments
We laughed on the swings
And danced by the tree
You turn to me and smile
That dangerously charming
Look in your eyes
Captivates my heart

-I see you dreaming
I feel you hoping
And suddenly my dreams melt into yours
We’re standing in line
At crowded a mall
With giant sparkling trees
Waiting to meet Santa
To tell him they’ve been good 
To the North Pole we post
The wishes of our precious little ones
We’re sitting by the fire just before bedtime
Drinking your famous hot cocoa
And they're wearing the sweaters
Your mom made
With all the love in the world
Lost in my dreaming
You gently lift my chin
Say the light makes me glow
That I make your heart happy

And there it is
The perfect kiss
-Sparks fly between the flutters
The perfect first date
And im dreaming of forever 
Looking into your eyes
Holding your hand
Dancing to the music
Of our beating hearts
And im dreaming of forever with you

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