Tuesday, July 27, 2010

maybe it should be*

karlie is great. -yes another model who im on firstnamebasis with, calm down, jessica smith- and winter has been lovely. but dang... im sick of layering. im sick of coughing. im sick of not being able to see the sky when i wake up. im sick of tights and boots and scarves. im sick of using my electricblanket every night.
i want sunshine. and white cotton dresses. i want to wear my bikini all day. i want to lie on the beach. i want denim shorts and ice-cold smoothies. in other news of the day: i love al jazeera. and orange juice. and custard donuts. candles in teacups. mixtapes made with love. new blog obsession: here comes the sun. today, i really like the names: madison and taylor.

and yes i am complaining. but there's a lot going on in my head, and this is one thing im sure of.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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