Wednesday, June 23, 2010

you bruised me for watchin disney channel*

happy birthday to you, demilicious :)
yay nineteen!
may it be wonderful and filled with cake..and joy.. yeah, but mostly cake*
i still have the tub (okay tubs..) of buttons we uh... resourcefully made use of :) theyr awesum. atleast we got something good outv that horrible lesson ;) -that, and blankpaper. and many hours in themagicroom with mr B! hahaha we're such losers* ("blame it on the a-a-a-a-a...a-a-a??") i miss singing in the passages with you. matt still calls you 'opera girl'.
speaking of mr B, i totally see him all the time, it's so great. -his life must be suuuperlame without us there all the time. shame.
haha you're such a poser,memi. and gosh now you've influenced lil nick.. gosh what kind of big sister are you?! someday he'll thank you tho, there are some quality photos of him these days! anyway, i saw this sign and thought of you:
and you probably don't get it, hahahaha. shame. but you were good at math lit. and pretending to have worked suuuperhard on projects you actually did the morning of. which is a skill i respect and detest at the same time.
anyway, you're beautiful. and the best stalker ever. and continue to interrupt my life with 'why haven't you replied to me?!' messages. and STILL go on mxit a lot, which shows true dedication. you deserve magic today* and crackasnack lol, yes yes it's coming!
so i just stalked our wallposts. going waaay back. we're legends. i still can't believe you actually hurt me for wanting to watch wizardsofwaverlyplace! "people park" lol. i will love you forever.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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