Saturday, June 12, 2010

"what's his name again..? wasabi..?"*

these boys were vaaabin it out bafana style alll day! so much so that they got scouted to go on stage for being awesum supporters ;) true story.

it's true, five rand seemed a bit much for one tattoo at the time, but they were GREAT, thank you lady who told me to buy many :)

[we didn't have water to apply them soooo we used coke. YEAH WE DID. it fully worked!]

proof that xhosa is just as we remember from junior school. did someone say 'ipensile' ..or was that iapile'..?

didn't realise how great this fountain is til we got home and looked at the photos*
quotes of the day.. which are pretty much made up of had to be there moments..
"can anyone just come and sing, that's what i wanna know."
"they make our country look so good, even i wanna go there!"
"dungbeetles don't even play soccer."
"i have like anti-aids, i heal really fast."
"how do you even hit the pole?! if you asked me to hit they pole, i'd be like 'i can't, i don't know how'."
"you want happy milk."
"this clock is so much better, see it counts down.."
"andrea, i think it's nice that you've taken her under your wing, showing her the ways of life..."
[yes lisa, after you left, all your blonde comments lead peter to say that last one.. LOL]
and now i shall conform and end off with a ...
feel it. it is here.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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