Friday, June 25, 2010

touch your wings, now you can stay*

flip. i wish i could say in words how i'm feeling right now. (yes jessicasmith, you're about to read a much shorter version of what we just discussed) flip. im pretty sure i cried more in that movie than i did in thelastsong. flip. food inc. it's like... whaaat. -see it, it's brilliant. actually, wait. if you're enjoying your life, not knowing how much your every move feeds into the painfully selfish and heartless acts of the corporate and politically unjust, then don't. don't. bc you cannot walk outv that movie not wanting -needing- to change the way you live; the way you think. i am frightened by how much control they have. over things they shouldn't need to. it's disgusting. and aah the animals. it's sick. the exploitation. how little respect humans can show for the earth, for animals, and for eachother. ohmygosh, you'd think people would show even the slightest amount of respect for other humans but wow. it infuriates me. and it's lovely how profound ordinary people can be, how much of an impact one sentence, a genuine thought, can have. yeah, this time it's super legit. if i didn't do it for real it would just be, to quote my dad "a slap in the producer's face". the producer who won an oscar for best documentary feature. i am doing this. i am sure.
in other news of the day: i am not going to mont tomorrrow. [i am however, going mission-research shopping. yay!] i want to ask you a question.. but i'm scared you'll read too much into it. and maybe it doesn't even matter. *sigh* artists of the night: missy higgins. michael buble. oasis. aqualung.
[the pepperandchipslady is always getting images from vanillascented, so i thought id go see what the vibe was about. yeah, i get it now..]

hahaha B, you'll appreciate this > awkward moment of today: my dad and i started a band in the car on the way to the labia. -called it 'awesum and that other guy'. or 'the random guy', we're still deciding haha. so my mom starts singing in the car and we're like 'uh no sorry, ur not invited to the band' and she's like 'i don't want to be in your band. ever.' like completely serious. hahahahaha. so we burst out laughing, and she gave us a 'i dont want to be in anyones band, im not a band person' talk. lol. good times we have on friday nights without medical journal discussions and 90210 marathons which end up with popcorn all over the kitchen floor. what i'm trying to say is, come over.

and now i will continue to leave victoria unecessary amounts of offline messages. enchantedhappy xoxo

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