Saturday, June 12, 2010

this ain't a fairytale..*

these days, ive pretty much only been listening to: half of my heart. white horse. when i look at you. before the storm. we'll be a dream.

i wish that you would realise..., beyond good enough. extraordinary. and it breaks my heart to see you caught up in this. i wish that you could see yourself how i see you, and truly understand.

[i just found a photo of a lighthouse in capetown on the-amazing-image-site-whose-name-we-do-not-mention. super cool, yay south africa! i should go to bed, but i havent blogged for soooo long and i can't seem to tear myself away from aforementioned website.]
can't wait to see miss adachi's new hair. and apparently victoria's...?
pretty sure i'm getting sick. i blame you, B.
it's raining really hard, it's wonderful.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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