Tuesday, June 29, 2010

should learn the dance*

 [could you come home now, please. i miss you seeing me and knowing. i miss you smiling at me and making everything perfect. i miss the way we wait for the perfect moment to have the same converstations.]
“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.” -Coco Chanel

themostamazingshoot wow* four of the things i love most in this world: demi lovato. joe jonas. teenvogue. oldschool-styled shoots. and just to make me even happier, they threw in some coke in glass bottles [blackbelt: did someone say EVERY menudrop memory?! lol.]

i had the most traumatising dream ever lastnight. i honestly think i may need therapy. so i'm kinda scared to go to bed now, is that stupid? probably haha. so glad miss adachi had a wonderful time :) we took complimenting gunce's rice to the extreme tonight. and now, my electric blanket awaits! *happy dream vibes*

enchantedhappy xoxo


Lis said...

I can't get on facebook bc i'm on the suu guest internet access.. gr. Anyways, things keep coming up that I wish you were here to experience with me or a joke that I wish you'd heard. Gosh is this weird that we can be friends and feel so close even though in reality our relationship has been merely on the internet? Yeah that sounds wayyy creepy but anyways. I miss you, I have dreams (literally) of you and me having a wonderful time together:)

I still am here.. I get home on Saturday. a 10 day conference. soooo long! But really great and I am having a beautiful time. I miss youuuu!! Ps: What is J-smith's blog? I am in her group for ISLC! woo woo wooooo


sarahjane* said...

gosh i was going to post those photos today
i cannot believe that you got there first :)

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