Wednesday, November 4, 2009

oh, hunter*

this is his GQ shoot. "big man off campus" .. so preppy. so great. and he is so frikkin hot. it's insane. i watched weeds for the first time in .. months lastnight . (i've been restrainin myself. bc i wudn sleep at all.. id just watch like 3 seasons and fastforward to his part. and then get up at 7am to go to school. yes, problematic. ) and i saw it on TV and i hadn seen the episodes and i got CRAZY excited!! it's such an addictive and crudely (is that a word? yes, i checked. lol) self-indulgent show. i LOVE it* i will return to my unhealthy addiction as soon as i am done with these stupid exams.
anyway, more hunter parrish to come. lots more.
and no, V ur comments about my preppiness. choice of boy. lack of sleep. tv addiction. all unwelcome. but i am sending vibes of love your way*

*creamstation* that's all i can say. lol.
embrace the sunshine xoxo

1 comment:

Chey* said...

Lol andy V's jus jealous shes not as awesome and as cool as you... Thats all... K bye

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