Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas wish

If Christmas for you means screaming families and tension in the house, if Christmas for you means whispering 'eat' to yourself a thousand times while your family laughs over the table, if Christmas means remembering where your insecurities came from, and why you had so many conversations that ended in tears, if Christmas means fighting back tears and saying a polite 'thank you' for shiny things when all you want is a hug.

I wish you peace. I hope you find a way to breathe steady. I hope you eat, just enough, and enjoy it. I hope there's a moment when you end up in a fit of laughter, about something so silly you cant believe you're laughing that hard. I hope your family is patient with you, and kind. I hope they speak gentle words, and smile sincerely at each other all afternoon.

I hope you get a phone call or a letter from someone who warms your heart. i hope you phone someone and say kind words like ‘you are special’ and ‘you are loved’. If there is someone you are missing today, send them light. Remember the things you love about them, write it down. Smile about the joy they brought you, and know they would want you to celebrate today, for everything wonderful around you now.

I hope you feel the magic in the air, even if there's no snow or sleigh bells. I hope something makes your heart smile, I hope that for a minute you can't help but stop and feel grateful, for the people around you and your place in the universe. I hope someone looks at you like you are the precious, golden person that you are. I hope you feel worthy of all the love in the world today. You are, and always have been.

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