Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i wrote a note

tonight with caron, was so lovely. (always lovely) i was listening to the songs from The Lucky One, and (I'd pick you over him for sure, winter.) then she came over and drank tea with me. and we spoke about our day and played with my cat, and then tattoos and googling things that..yeah googling EVERYTHING. i love just, being. knowing i can be tired and moody or excited and bubbly and she loves me all the time. 

and now im painting my nails the pale colours of love, drinking more earl grey out of a blue and white mug, listening to justin bieber and his guitar tell me that i can't fly unless i let myself fall. "did you know youre an angel who forgot how to fly? did you know that it breaks my heart every time i see you cry?" while i finish making collages for letters im sending across the world tomorrow. xo

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