Thursday, July 28, 2011

trick me into it*

for those of you concerned (it should be all of you) my birthday list is ready. and this headdress is on it. im kinda obsessed with her rightnow. but in a safe, legal "i listen to the music you blog about and really want your jeans" way*

lastnight we sang along to skyscraper on repeat more times than we thought possible. with such emotion and volume that we lost our voices. our sushi matched and we made a bee out of it. we pushed eachother into renovation walls and had conversations that wouldve been awkward if overheard.
aaaand. the past few days have been filled with praying for rain and listening to {truth by alexander} over and over, and over again. now my nails are purple and im excited to go for a run in the dark. happy weekend xoxo

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