Wednesday, July 13, 2011

she wont phone home*

 {there were two girls in floral dresses, and while we sat in the fifth row on the left i realised they make me happier than ive been in a long time. and that maybe, just maybe, we are soul mates.} and we will sit and listen to i want a house over and over, while tasha throws random spices in food, and i make tea and lisa obsessively cleans. even if we date stupid boys, or dont know what we'll do with our lives in the longrun. bc right now, we have us, and we are all we need*
...and as much as you may want to delete the group, #betchlove will be in our hearts forever. (even if this friendship isnt.. JOKES. Joking. LisaMarie, your request has been accepted! -If only bc you know all my passwords... Congratulations into the world of my forever friends. It's a wonderful life! ) Xoxo

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