Thursday, June 23, 2011

waiting on one*

"You say you had a lot of moments that didn't last forever,
Now youre in this corner trying to put it together." #howtolove

we just sat in the bed and faught over biscuits and compared tv shows and played with amazing lighters and avoided the relationship question. then it was guitar hero and presents from europe, and letting our boots soak in the rain.

coming home to a bedroom with an electric blanket and my bestfriend. like we will for years to come. #magic
 and now it's your birthday and youre so faraway
but today will be magic*
{im still beaming from that skypedate and how lovely miss adachi is.} im just that girl sitting on her bedroom floor listening to imogenheap and burning sweet incense while she paints her nails barbiepink. "did you ask her why she's being so dramatic?" some things will never match up, some places will hurt forever. hoping someday she'll explain this all to you, and youll see this isnt my fault. hopefully someday youll forgive me. hopefully someday il be able to catch myself before i go from elated to heartbroken without so much as a breath inbetween.

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