Sunday, June 19, 2011

go home*

you will find someone someday (maybe youve known them your whole life) and you will trust them with everything you are. some days you'll hate that they know you so completely, but most days them knowing you finally makes you feel whole. you won't forget that you were afraid to trust, but you'll forget what it feels like to be hesitant. your first reaction won't be to keep it all to yourself, you'll want to share your life with them, and will never doubt their loyalty, bc you know they care and bc they are a part of you now.

{no need for interpretation, those words were for you. i know you didn't hear half of what i told you last night, bc you didnt want to. but someday youll want it, and i will still be here.}

{and this part is for me.} there will be a time when you look back and wonder how you got here. there will be a day where you feel like suddenly things got messy and maybe you should have said nothing; or in another case, you should have said something. and youll wonder why you let yourself stop caring. and youll wonder how to switch it back on. and on this day, it will feel like things will never be the same. but remember how things were before, how you thought that was best. and maybe youre only annoyed bc you know things will be okay, but it's not happening fast enough.
on this day, your emotions arent the thing to trust. on this day, you are only allowed to remember that she saved you and you love her and you promised youd never lose her. you promised yourself and you promised her. things are allowed to get difficult, things were always going to get messy. stop wondering. stop second-guessing. stop being sad about something youre not about to lose.

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Seren1ty said...

You make me smile. Thank you.

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