Wednesday, June 1, 2011

but we danced*

 [Im now officially an easymix baking goddess. Pretty much ready for marriage, any takers?
JOKES. It's a joke. Gosh, people get so dramatic so quickly.]
[images via neongold. buthonestly. fashiontoast.]

It's almost 2am, apparently the universe doesn't think I need sleep. When I go to bed tomorrow, I'll have to set my alarm for 4am. For the airport adventure. So much luggage. (This time not mine.) All I ask is that they serve me mochas and then cranapple juice. #simplerequest
So not emotionally ready for the heat that is to come. Mostly, I just really dont want to shave my legs. #thisismylife #reasonstolovewinter #yeahiwentthere

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