Thursday, February 10, 2011

when violet eyes get brighter*

"the stars lean down to kiss you, and i lie awake and miss you" im too scared to listen to songs we have memories with, songs we put on that last playlist. not tonight. i actually might break. so instead, it's {vanilla twilight by owlcity} and {nothing by thescript} but still, the tears keep coming...

i dont want to go tomorrow.
not without you. i wish you were here to see why im scared, and i wish you were here to hold me and say itd be okay. like you were on the cab ride after he broke my heart. (the first time). i wish you were here and things were fine. we'd have mornings together, and your mom would laugh at my afrikaans.
please come home. 

it's too much. it's become just a sad story. they don't understand. no one understands. it hurts so much, and i should be used to it but it hurts more every single day. im here and my heart is breaking all over again, hurting more than ever before.
and it's not fair.

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