Tuesday, February 8, 2011

look who's alone now*

im kind of inlove with how cute this milk is. and also, #ithurtsme that your opinions and reluctance spill over into my life. it hurts that your decisions are preventing my recovery. and that your regrets ruin my days. that your bad choices have influenced my desires. and that you don't bother to prove me wrong. #shouldvesaidno  
dear lisa, i wish someday il be as cool as you.
i love that #wehavethesamebrain. and that youre so great at guitar hero. i love your family. and that you are part of mine. i don't love that you and my parents can be sarcastic together, about me, and that i never get it. #bcimanidiot. i love that we can be together, doing nothing for days and be happier than ever.  #imsoinlovewithus
james taylor and bowtie pasta. early morning strumming. falling inlove with my pink hair in the sunlight. kneehighs and dresses with zips. mixed berry sorbet in crystal bowls. texts from girls who should love me enough to let me sleep in. and i still haven't gone to get my student card. Xoxo

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Serenity said...

Lisa + guitar = pretty!!

you may love...

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