Friday, January 28, 2011

you took a piece of my heart*

 things i miss: the three of us. ballet. chocolate milkshake. being certain. simple decisions. actually caring. #nowaitidontmissthat. mostly, i miss waking you up and talking really loudly bc i know you had a hangover. -and you making me delicious breakfast regardless. #thatstruelove
i wish the world knew the kind of love we shared.
  [images via fashiontoast and one of my favourite flickr photostreams.and tomorrow i shall wear a sparkly dress and take paparazzi photos with poser friends who have great hair. and il wish you were here. {daydreamer by adele} things i love: opsmile memories and forever friends. speedy email replies, orange smoothies and her blog. "and it would feel like he's been there for hours, and i could tell that he'll be there for life." Xoxo

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