Monday, January 24, 2011

it's like fire.. but vanilla. vanilla fire*

 [i cant get the image of you leaning forward to look at me -into me- out of my head. it was morning and i was hurting and i couldn't hide it, especially not from you. and i don't understand why you tried to pull me out of it, but thankyou for trying to rescue me.]
 vanilla and cinnamon incense. rescueremedy-infused rooibos. vanilla linen fragrance. pearly satin bedding. and the cherry on top? you singing the single most beautiful song in the world for me. #serenadeftw. your voice truly is incredible. -so are your guitar lessons ;)  
 i want a treehouse. and dreamcatchers everywhere. and for the goodlooking boy in my group to fall in love with me.
 [images via fashiontoast]
 "and i am more than blessed." i wish my body would realise.
{something to believe in by parachute} i miss leighleigh. xoxo

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