Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wrapped in black*

"the evening grows in size and you return again. hands full and with snowflakes caught on eyelashes. wondering what the night sees when shadows are thrown on this city that sparkles and the collusion of realities blurs the way symbolic echoes reverberate in the moments just before waking and you find yourself re-aquainted with the answers before you know the questions." cloudgathererholdmedown.
{i'd do it all again by corrinebaileyrae} #onrepeat
[images via pepperandchips]
B comes home today.
Murray and Joe leave in the morning. #whydoaustralianskeepleaving
the ultimate breakfast: icecream. only if it looks like birthday.
{simple song by mileycyrus} is everything right now.
tuxedo better be as cool as this place.

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Lisa Marie said...

{i'd do it all again by corrinebaileyrae} :)

love this

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