Monday, December 13, 2010

no matter how far*

Dear every-trip-to-kommetjie-with-Britt, I really like you.
I like the songs we play on the way. I like singing along really loudly. I like the breathtaking view on the drive. I like knowing that we've picked out a house "for when we win the lotto." I like how perfect Granny Rose's house is. I like freshly baked goodness, and I like singing for Luke while we build "foundations". I like catching up with the family, and (as reluctant as I always seem) I like romantic walks on the beach with you.
"How do you make wood, gran?"
Luke is the absolute cutest kid in the entire world. And he loves me more than Britt.
 [i still don't understand why this movie is sad. i just think it's incredibly beautiful. but why do you cry in it?]
And tomorrow, we will be reunited. Yay Kommetjie xoxo

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