Monday, November 29, 2010

make wishes, they come true*

 yay gemmaward*
 (jswizzle, i havent named a model in a while!)
shockingly-profound quote of the moment...
 lisa: "it's just money."
 dear ballet, i miss you so much that my heart hurts. #justsayin 
lol of the moment: tim, referring to his name as "the triple bible"
i dont know why im so captivated by this photo.
im inlove with the skulls/hearts on the collar.
and nickjonas. yes, he is the greatest. literally.
"you could be at the show and know every word. but it's you who makes me sing. we may not know where we are, but i know who i am. baby, i'm your biggest fan."
{yes that is the song of the day. it's from Jonas LA. and he raps in it, too. while wearing an incredible denim shirt. HIS VOICE IS SO GREAT.}
niiiicckkkkjooonnnnaaaasss. #marryme

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