Saturday, October 9, 2010

where the light is*

 the intro melody in say by johnmayer.
 everything it makes me feel or think is my world today.
and to quote my email to leigh:
 "i feel like spinning around in sparkly colours and not worrying*
so that's what il do."
how insanely beautiful trees are.
the colours in the sky; how are there so many at once?
and the way it seems like theres gold paint dripping across the clouds
as the sky sets behind them.
how having children changes you.
the kind of heartbreak ive been protected from.
im nearing the end of houserules.
it felt like id never get past halfway.
im really really enjoying it.
it makes me want to study psych.
 and hug every mom in the world for the sacrifices they make. 
i love the way she writes.
the rest of the night will be spent...
trying to keep my room as dark as possible, while fighting the urge to finish the book.
listening to johnmayer's album, heavier things.
and eating vanilla icecream.

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