Thursday, August 5, 2010


this evening: i visited the opsmile office. said goodbye to guanyuan (enjoy being back at penn with kevin! oooh) aaand went to the fashionshow at the capegrace with danna. had fun suiting up. with endless supply of delicious champagne. and oysters. and beautiful clothes. and these two lovely ladies we spent the night with.

 one, who we went my school and hated it as much as i did, for the exact reasons (apparently it hasnt really changed since 1987 haha) and one who loves vintage jewellery. im joining her at the alliance fran├žaise, bc apparently you need french to work for the un. (damn you, madame williams, for ruining the language for me!)

(requirements for my dream house: chandeliers. and high ceilings.)
[i still love these ysl slingbacks. no, not the countryroad knockoff. come up with your own designs, dang it]
[teenvogue's new covergirl: victoriajustice yay* ]
oh and then a wonderful time at homegroup. mark driscoll's 'vintage jesus' dvd. coveting callen's amaaazing boots... *sigh*  and tina explaining all about her dad's horse breeding, and life in bonnivale. aaand taylorswift's new single is out. speaknow releases october 25th YAY :)

enchantedhappy xoxo

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