Saturday, July 31, 2010

into me, here*

goodmorning to you. and to my insane new tights. which my mom wouldn't let me buy in every colour bc she thinks ill lose them. (gosh) but i wont. bc i love them.  
i also love my americanapparel + theyeahyeahyeahs tshirt. so im wearing them together. with my lumopink nails n lipstick. yay pinklipstick day :)
(i want to be leamichele) and now. to embrace the day. who'll be at lunch today? lisafortuin. the australians. kenny and his wife. yay food* and yay my new rose ring. -never really been a ring person. but things are a'changin.... ooooh. haha. images via sequinmagazine. -im so addicted.

oh and charles..? BACK OFF of snoekie. but really.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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