Sunday, July 18, 2010

indulged in the parade of love and lust and wishful thinking*

spring finale of makeitorbreakit: ahh. all i wanted all this time, the reason i kept watching (mostly) is for him to sing for her. and it was epic and wonderful. and i love him. jessicasmith i pick you to download it on itunes for me bc i can't get it here and it's breaking my heart. almost literally*
this morning i am still. everything around me spins. but i am still.
lastnight, C came here mid-blogpost (lol that's a real term now) and gave me 17minutes to get ready for a supermodel-themed 28th. i got to see people ive missed. and wear heels for the first time in a while. two realisations came of lastnight: one which felt like a boulder crashing through my heart. one which made me feel like i was flying. also, a certainty in the brilliance of my 'cycle of trust' theory, which kinda makes me sad. 
 blackbelt, to answer what you once asked me: "There are hidden messages in every paragraph, in every line; in every breath I took whilst writing it."
i hope that this week brings.. sunshine. truth. long hair. laughter. custard.  happy birthday madiba*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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