Monday, June 21, 2010

we should have known*

is it weird that i don't get that last one?  

murray played piano for me. so pretty. yummy soy milk. aaand very big house. nine days til jessicasmith comes! [jono, this conversation is getting out of hand.] i just want you two to come back. -who needs san francisco? not you. no no, not you. not when you could just hug your bestfriend instead. songs of the night: (and by night, i mean early hours of the morning. why can't i sleep?) rainbow veins by owlcity. that's how you know by demilovato [who is brilliant in greys 6.22 btw... -it also kinda scares me that her character was diagnosed incorrectly and would have lived permanently rejected and tormented -or just died- had it not been for karev's determination]. one less lonely girl by justinbeiber. make believe by thearrows. remembering sunday by alltimelow. better than this by kimberelylocke. i still feel dizzy. this is strange. and thank you. your words made everything seem.. just, thank you. i really hope you do write while you're away*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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Lis said...

I don't get the last one either... haha oh and freaking jealous of jessica.. uhhh

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