Friday, June 18, 2010

something i see in you*

so my mom's new job means more integration in 'the community'. she took us to this worldcup thing and the spirit amongst the people was incredible. this is my daddy and the cool fish man*this little girl waved her flag and sang enthusiastically while they played the national anthem.. the cutest thing to see* and flip, she is so beautiful.
[sarahjane x countryroad]
we went to go watch a game at the fanpark the other day... and stefan had... quite a few beers. he struck up some very interesting conversations with randoms on the way back to the car. and we very much enjoyed the outcome.
"a demonstration of power. a demonstration of strength. a demonstration of soccer." -on germany's beautiful game against australia.
"mona gave me two bites of her burger... but we scored four goals. -that's twice the amount of bites she gave me!"
and the commentator said some strange things...
"tough game for the socceroos, at the sight of a german girl."
"did he just say 'free drink'?" -me.
"if you believe in history..."
twas a good night, with crazy people. and seeing goldfish play live is always amazing*
"is that a real word, germany?" -lisafortuin.
"is australia even playing?"=lisa fortuin.
"and to think, ten minutes ago i was in my sleeping bag and pajamas...and now i'm here. -but i'm still in my pajamas!" -rustin.
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i feel like i didnt approve of the pictures before you put them on here.....................

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