Friday, June 25, 2010

never knowing when*

(i'm ready for lil denim shorts again. so ready* it's not even raining here, so it's not even fun winter. gosh -wait, tomorrow itl rain just bc i said that- i want to lie in the sun all day *with sunblock, BRITT AND PAIGE!*  and to get cute new bikinis) so summer, please will you come now! and ninadobrev, you are so incredibly gorgeous. it makes me just a little bit sad. but mostly i just stare at you. -othergirl, im not really bothered by your presence.. the character you play has resulted in my lack of interest in you. that's quite lame.

i'm waaay too lazy to get up for a movie or a book so i'll just sit over here, listening to the same five songs over and over. maybe i'll read the economist like scarlett told me to. hmm, yes actually. great idea :)

enchantedhappy xoxo

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